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    Shop small, local, & independent businesses without the effort.


    Showing appreciation to (read: spending money at) local and independent businesses is crucial for Main St. economies. These businesses give our communities unique local flavor, treat their workers better, and keep more money in the neighborhood.
    Main St. Market makes it easier than ever to shop locally FIRST right from wherever you already are.


    List stuff for sale from your phone & let customers come to you.


    Local businesses, startups, and side hustles advertise for FREE and make offers to loyal customers right down the road.


    Link cards & earn rewards by using the app to pay at local shops.


    Use the app to PAY at businesses you love and support them while earning yourself special rewards for being LOYAL to LOCAL!


    We hold funds until Buyer and Seller confirm satisfaction.


    Meeting people you met on the internet can be risky, especially after a stop at the ATM! -- Now make deals without the worry. Once Sellers accept Buyer offers, the Buyer’s funds move into a secure escrow account. Only once the Buyer confirms they’ve picked up or received delivery of their purchase and are satisfied, are the funds released to the Seller.


    Keep your money close to home with Community Currencies.


    Community Currencies create benefits for all bottom lines: people, planet, profit, and purpose. They take many forms and can be used to reward local shopping, doing community service, as well as other activities that strengthen communities and Main St. economies. Accepting community currency attracts new customers and spending it works wonders for your budget.


    Main St. Market is about making real place-based impact.


    Our mission is to transform the way money and markets work for Main Street and for the people who live and work there. Your commissions paid on funds received ensure Main St. Market has what it needs to deliver the best experience to you and the most impact in the community. Main St. Market is committed to donating extra earnings into special community funds that create new opportunities for local entrepreneurs and others ready to make where they live a better place to be!