• Help with Main St. Market


    Creating an Account

    1. Click This Link

    2. Sign in either with your personal email or Facebook account

    Signing In

    1. Use this Link

    2. Sign in through Facebook or with your previously created Main St. Market account

    Resetting Your Password

    1. Use This Link

    2. An email will be delivered to the address you provided and you can reset your password


    Editing Your Profile

    1. Click on the dropdown menu on the top left of your screen

    2. Click on your name on the top

    3. Click the Edit Profile logo to change your name, gender, email, birthday, and phone number

    Changing Your Password

    1. Click the menu drop icon on the top left corner of your screen to view the menu

    2. Click Settings

    3. Under the title "Personal", select Edit Profile

    4. Select Change Password

    5. Follow the directions on screen to change your password

    Buying an Item/Voucher

    1. Click on the item you desire to purchase

    2. Click Buy in the upper right hand corner

    3. Proceed to payment in the method of your choosing

    * If an amount is due in U.S. dollars you will need to link a card to the account

    Searching for Items/People

    1. You can search via using the search icon in the top right

    2. Search displays items by default, click on Wishes or People if that is what you are searching for

    3. If you search within a channel you will only see results from that channel

    4. If you search via the hub you will get results from all channels


    1. Your Dashboard can be found by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner and then on Dashboard

    2. Your Dashboard displays your current credits and transaction history

    Transaction History

    1. Get to transaction history through you Dashboard

    2. Click on Transaction History

    3. Transaction History can be viewed in one of 3 categories: All, credits, and U.S. dollars by selecting one of 3 icons displayed on the top

    Paying In Store

    1. Open your app or website and then the shortcut menu

    2. Click on Pay

    2. Select recipient

    3. Input amount(s) in credits or U.S. dollars

    Paying Another Person

    1. Open the search window

    2. Select People and search for the recipient

    3. Click on Send Credit

    4. You can currently only send your friends Ithaca Dollars, but soon will be able to use U.S. dollars as well!

    Using Community Credits

    Each channel may operate in U.S. dollars and or in Community Credits. Community credits may be used as full or part of a payment for any item listed as indicated on the item page.

    Downloading the App

    1. If using an Apple product search for Main St. Market in the App Store

    2. If using an Android product, search for Main St. Market in the Playstore

    3. Once the app has been downloaded to your phone, either create an account or login to your existing account

    *features on the app work the same way the features on the website work, plus it is convenient to access wherever you are!

    Push Notifications

    1. Click the menu drop icon on the top left corner of your screen to view the menu.

    2. Select Settings

    3. Under the title "Personal" select Account Settings

    4. Select Push Notifications then toggle which options you would like to receive notifications for

    5. Select Email Notifications then toggle which options you would like to receive notifications for

    6. For both Push and Email, Blue means you WILL receive a notification, White means you will NOT!

    Closing Your Account

    Send an email to support@mainst.market and we will help you close down your account.



    Payments and Confirmation?

    1. When someone buys your item you will receive a notification via email, SMS, and the app according to your notification preferences

    2. Funds will be credited to your Main St. Market account which you can view via dashboard

    Purchasing/Earning Community Currency

    1. Click this Link

    2. You can also earn Ithaca Dollars by inviting friends, adding wishes and items, and by frequenting the app and/or website

    Completing a Sale

    1. You will be notified by email and on the app when someone buys your item

    2. In the Menu at the top left corner, go to Messages, then select the message you would like to view

    3. Review the information and confirm the purchase. You will be offered the option to keep the listing live. If you own more than one of the item or would like to continue to offer the service, select Keep the Listing Live

    4. Exchange information with the buyer about delivery/shipping using the messaging option at the bottom of the screen

    5. If the transaction should not happen, you can refund the buyer by clicking the Refund button

    6. Once the item has been exchanged or the service provided, the buyer will confirm delivery. No refund can happen once delivery has been confirmed: we recommend that the buyer checks that the item is as expected before confirming delivery


    Editing and Canceling a Transaction

    1. In order to see your transaction history click the menu drop icon on the top left corner of your screen to view the menu

    2. Select the Sell My Stuff button in the menu tab

    3. Click on the My Items tab to reveal all of your currently listed items on the marketplace

    4. To edit the item click Edit item

    5. Once you have finished editing the information about the item, click Publish Item at the bottom of the page

    6. To Delete the listing scroll to the bottom and click Remove Item

    Reporting a Problem / Leaving Feedback

    1. Email support@mainst.market

    2. Call 888-645-2409

    3. View "GET IN TOUCH"

    Bumping an Item

    Do you want your good, service, or wish back at the top of everyone's feeds?


    1. Click on the item you want to bump

    2. Click on the up arrow to the left of your screen

    4. confirm that you want to bump your item for only 1 Ithaca Dollar



    See above in Getting Started


    1. Simply use the search icon in the top right to browse in one of three categories: Items, Wishes, People

    Making a Wish

    1. Click the menu drop icon on the top left corner of your screen to view the menu

    2. select Make a Wish in the menu tab

    3. Enter and title and description for you item in the designated areas. Upload a clear and good quality picture that most closely resembles the item you wish to purchase. Please make sure the picture is free of rights!

    4. Toggle the Facebook button if you wish to share the listing on Facebook.

    5. Click Choose Category and select at least one category to classify the item you are creating a wish for. Feel free to add as many categories as your item applies too.

    6. Toggle whether you'd like to have postal delivery or self-pickup be offered by whomever will fulfill the wish. If you toggle postal delivery, enter the method and price of delivery. Toggle whether you would like self-pickup to be available

    7. Click Publish Wish and your wish will be posted on the marketplace.

    Homescreen Shortcut

    The blue circle in the bottom right of your homepage works as a shortcut to make your experience faster and smoother!


    Use it to: add an item, make a wish, search the market, or to send a payment to a business.


    Just click the blue circle with the white plus sign and the short cut menu will open!


    Simply click the feature which you wish to use!


    Referring Someone

    When referring someone you will receive credits as an incentive to share the marketplace with your friends!

    1. Click on the menu drop icon in the top left corner of your screen.

    2. Select Invite Friends

    3. Either send an invite via Facebook or email or copy the link that appears for sharing via any platform of your choosing

    4. After your referrals create an account you will receive credits!


    *Subject to Change Without Notice *

    Earning Bonuses

    You can earn bonuses through frequent use of the website or app, for posting items with images, and for making wishes!










    *Subject to Change Without Notice*


    Your input is very welcome.

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